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Welcome! Here you will discover a large selection of collectable vintage and classic fishing tackle from the 1850's through to present day.

We sell a mixture of new and pre-owned fishing equipment, view each item for a detailed description.

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Our speciality. View a wide selection of our Hardy salmon reels, from the 1800's to present day...

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View a selection of vintage and modern spinning reels from makes such as ABU, J.W. Young, Hardy, Bronson, Mitchell, Milwards, etc...

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View a small selection of vintage Silex reels we have. More to come over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled...

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View a selection of modern reels for fishing salmon from makes such as Hardy, Salmologic, Loop, Bo Mohlin, Saracione, Ari Hart, Abel, etc...

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A selection of bits & pieces, fishing baskets, line winders, bait tins etc...

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View a selection of vintage salmon fly patterns tied by one of Scotland's most prominent fly tiers Davie McPhail...

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View a selection of vintage salmon reels from makes such as Dingley, Alex Martin, Sharpes, Walker Bampton, Youngs, Wallace Watson, Playfair, Farlow's etc...

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Modern reels for fishing trout. View reels from makes such as Fin-nor, Saracione, Lamson, Andy Ramish, Ari Hart, Sharpes, Abel, Hardy, etc...

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View a selection of books and catalogues including Hardy Angler's Guides, fly tying books and story books...

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Customer's Catch!

Lake Windermere, The Lake District

A great photo a customer sent in of a Charr caught on Lake Windermere this summer using our Vintage Charr tackle case - great to see it being used again!

River Traun, Germany

Great photo a customer sent in of a rainbow trout caught with one of our Andy Ramish reels!

We'd Love to see your photos

Feel free to send in what you've hooked. We love to see photos and hear your stories!

Half Moon Bay, California

Thanks for sending your photo in Dara, great catching this snapper and your first fish, congrats!

April 2023

About us

Hello everyone & welcome to Ireland's Antique Fishing Tackle's online store, located in the North West of Northern Ireland. We are a family-run business including myself, Andy and my daughter Sarah. I have practiced game fishing since boyhood and being based here, it is no surprise to have developed a real passion for salmon and trout fishing.

Inevitably this love of fishing has evolved into an interest for collecting vintage fishing tackle.  

This all-consuming hobby of many years has led to me being involved in the valuation of period tackle such as products from Allcock's, Hardy's, Young's, Malloch, carved fish and taxidermy etc, on a daily basis, where I continuously search for these and other rare items, consequently the volume of merchandise that I have acquired in Ireland has led to the creation of this website during 2008. 

I wish to assure potential purchasers that I will warrant my product's description and give an honest, detailed appraisal of the physical condition thereof drawing upon my considerable experience. Obviously as with all antiques, pricing reflects condition.

So feel reassured and relaxed in your choosing. Either me or my daughter will endeavour to satisfy any queries that you may have, please feel free to contact us.