Garry Mills '39 Match' Limited Edition Reel 4.1/4"

Garry Mills '39 Match' Limited Edition Reel 4.1/4"

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The history of this reel by J.W. Young & Sons for Allcock's in 1939 is both interesting and somewhat an enigma, having only appeared in the Allcock's catalogue 1939/1940. With Germany invading Poland in August 1939 that brought us into the war on 3rd September of that year, understandably all production of reels by J.W. Youngs was given over to war work for the Ministry of Aircraft production.

The enigma to us today is that the reel was never produced in the post war period, which leaves us with a question why not? Various theories and stories have been muted over the years, but no substantial evidence has emerged. It is such a rare reel to find, that we can assume that very few were ever made. 

This is a version of the Allcock's Aerial Match, this is not an exact replica, for the reason that in 50 years time this reel could never be sold as an original.

Size: 4.1/4"

Left hand wind

Reel 39 of 39 made.

Case in RAF blue, in original box with signed documentation

Made in 2019