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Hardy Princess Reel, 150 Year Anniversary (New & Unused)
Hardy Princess Reel, 150 Year Anniversary (New & Unused)
Hardy Princess Reel, 150 Year Anniversary (New & Unused)
Hardy Princess Reel, 150 Year Anniversary (New & Unused)
Hardy Princess Reel, 150 Year Anniversary (New & Unused)

Hardy Princess Reel, 150 Year Anniversary (New & Unused)

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A first of a kind in the history of fly reels, the Lightweight series is relaunched to mark the 150 year anniversary of the Hardy brand. Holding true to what many aficionados believe to be the pinnacle of the Lightweight series, this reaction of the 1972 version features the coveted two screw line guard design and is offered with commemorative engraving to celebrate a milestone in the history of the world's most iconic fishing tackle brand.

Over its 150-year history, Hardy has produced many iconic fishing reels. The Perfect, St. George, Uniqua, and many others have become part of the fabric of the sport of fly fishing for generations of anglers and collectors alike. Few Hardy reels though have been held in as mush esteem as the Lightweight series. The Lightweight an "every-anglers" reel that has stood the test of time on trout and salmon rivers world-wide for over 80 years.

With the growing demand for reels to balance the increasingly popular lighter fly rods, the first model, the Lightweight, was introduced in 1936. Weighing only 3½oz at a time when most other reels in its class tipped the scales at nearly twice that weight, the new reel was a revelation. After the Second World War, the series expanded to include the L.R.H, Princess, Featherweight, Flyweight, St. Aidan and St. Andrew to cover all light tackle freshwater situations. One of the hallmarks of the Lightweight series was the ability of the angler to change its retrieve from right-hand to left-hand wind. It was one of the first production fly reels to offer this convenience, which is now an industry standard.

With these features and Hardy's traditional quality and high standards of manufacture, the Lightweights became the fly reel of choice for discerning anglers everywhere.

While undergoing only minor changes over the years, many aficionados believe that the series reached its developmental zenith in 1972, which was, coincidentally, the 100th anniversary of Hardy.

In that spirit Hardy felt it was fitting to offer one again the most popular models of this series to commemorate their 150th anniversary. Having all the features of the coveted 1972 reels, including the aesthetically pleasing "Two Screw" line guard, the new Lightweight series will be a complement to your finest fly rods, whether classic bamboo or modern graphite. Produced using bar stock construction and with an anodised finish, the new Lightweights are a continuation of one of the most recognisable and highly regarded fly reel series of all time and are sure to become a part of your own angling tradition.

Reel Capacities

WF5 +60m/66yds

#20 Dacron

WF6 +30m/33yds

#20 Dacron

Weight: 130g/4.6oz


Instructions included on how to change winding action from left to right hand.

Perfect condition, never used.